18 September, 2010

Yum! 9/18/10

Breakfast: Bacon, Scrambled Eggs and Toast with Jam (Thanks to Michael!)
We've been getting our eggs from Campo Lindo Farm and while they are a little more expensive then the store brand white eggs, they are worth it! I love knowing that the hens are able to roam, and that we are supporting a local family farm. Plus in every dozen there is a little note from the farm!

Lunch: Hot Dog, Chips, Kiwi and Banana Slices
This seems to be our typical, unhealthy Saturday lunch.

(10:30 &) 3:00 Snack: Almond and Rice Crackers, Deli Turkey and Sting Cheese
These crackers are really good! Light, just a hint of salt and a little nutty. YUM!

Dinner: Blanc Burgers with Friends before going to WATERFIRE!

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