04 July, 2007

I've been warned

I was taking Tallulah for a short walk this morning to celebrate her trip the groomers (I would never pay that much for my own hair cut!) when all at once the noise lever shot through the roof.
We were walking down a street we don't usually take when a tiny black poodle on a cord starting going nuts. Yapping and jumping up and down and generally freaking out. Which starting off the rottweiler next to her. So he starts barking in these low, scary barks and then across the street another dog starts barking and jumping at the front door. I saw all four paws hit the glass door. Tallulah and I were picking up our speed just a bit when then tornado siren starts to go off.
At first I didn't know what it was. Were we being attacked on this 4th of July?
Nope just the monthly testing of the tornado siren. Guess what? It works!
It works so well that I thought my ears would bleed.
Tallulah and I sprinted back to the house just so we could put a wall between us and the piercing siren. Seriously if there is ever a tornado we will definitely hear the warning.

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