06 July, 2007

My day off

In honor of my recent promotion I decided to take the day off. I wanted a day to myself where I could just get some things done that I have wanted to do for awhile but never seem to find the time. So here's the run down. (Updates throughout the day!)

7:15am - I'm up. Why am I up? I could be sleeping-in but apparently my body is ready to get on with the day.

8:00am - After a breakfast of waffles and taking time to empty the dishwasher and make the bed I surf the web looking for a hat pattern to knit with my leftover Cotton Ease Yarn for nearly an hour while listening to Radio Lab's episode on "Memory and Forgetting".

9:00am - Pull out the pieces of the quilt top I started nearly 2 years ago and finish the top up. So the quilt top is finished and it is pinned to the batting and the backing. Then I got nervous about the actual quilting and rolled it up and put it back in the closet where it might live for the next 2 years.

10:00am - Went to the basement to tackel the mold issue, but after about 5 min decided that was a less then fun way to spend my day. So I drove to Sonic for a giant Dr. Pepper and then headed to Brookside to look for a nice spray bottle. It doesn't exist. But I still wandered around The (New) Dime Store for quite a while taking in all the interesting items and buying some sliders to put on the legs of the ottoman Michael and I will be building this weekend and a little notebook with an accordion file to hold my coupons - in a stylish way.

11:15am - Ran through Wendy's for chicken nuggets and then headed to Angelo's Nursery for some plants to liven up the front garden.

11:30am - Set the flowers out and realized that I needed more! So I packed Tallulah into the car and headed back to Angelo's where I picked up some more beautiful plants.

11:45am - Planted the pots on the front porch and set out the rest of the plants and started digging! Tallulah hung out in the shade of the big elms while I toiled in the sun.

1:00pm - Realized that it is silly to be planting in the garden in the sun and if I just wait an hour the area will be in the shade.

2:00pm - Went to grocery store for strawberries, bananas and swiss rolls.

3:00pm - Started digging and planting. Lots of digging. Very messy, muddy digging.

4:00pm - Tried to water the plants and clean up but Tallulah decided to run right through all the freshly planted flowers, breaking the stems of many of them.

5:00pm - Exhausted, drug myself into the shower and then proceeded to take a small nap before getting ready to go out to dinner with the extended Amick-Brownfield family.

7:00 - 10:30pm - Super long dinner.

10:30pm - Crash into sleep.

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