23 September, 2007

Blog style

Once upon time this was a crafting/cooking/things I do blog, but as it does every summer it has turned into a whining about life blog. Partly because during the summer months I craft and cook very little and spend most of my time fretting about work. Last night was the last Walk for PKD of the 2007 season and I thought that this would mean a full nights sleep. Nope I popped awake at 3:00am fretting about work - work things that are already over!
I think it's going to take some time to wind down.

And in my attempt to progress the unwinding I am going to:
a) Work on my red scarf for the red scarf project. Its due in less then a month and I have about 1/3 finished.
b) Actually meal plan. I was inspired and a bit jealous as a friend explained her weekly meal planning and using her freezer for more then just holding frozen pizza.
c) Clean house - Michael is fabulous and super helpful around the house, but there are some jobs that are mine...jobs I have neglected. So I'll be picking up that slack today.
d) Finishing the 2nd baby quilt. The baby was due Friday, so I should really have this finished.
e) Sit in the sun porch and read.

What away to unwind.

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