21 September, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

This was a weekend of wonderful weather and I tried to make the most of it. Today we took Tallulah to the park to swim and then to "U Wash Puppy" because she was SUPER smelly. I nice combo of fish and dog poop. Yum.
We gave her the bath of her life and then spent 20 min just brushing her out and fighting mats. But we let her air-dry since she HATES to be blow-dried.

Then we came home and Michael got to work on the pergola and I thinned out the zinnias that have over-run the patio. Unfortunately the zinnias irritate my skin. But, that's okay because after a liberal application of lotion I'm in the clear again.

I'm thinking that this evening we'll sit outside, enjoy the backyard and the wonderful weather.

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