01 March, 2010

Meal Review: Cornmeal-Crusted Tilapia, Avocado and Roma Tomatoes, Coconut Rice

Sadly, this is one I won't be making again. The Tilapia was bland, the rice didn't come out right and while I liked the avocado and tomatoes - no one else did.

Tilapia- It's a bland, pretty much flavor-less fish. When prepared right it can be great, but the cornmeal breading, even with it's copious amounts of paprika just didn't give it any zing...at all. On the up-side, Greyson liked it, he ate a whole fillet himself and then some. Michael and I only got through it by dipping it in ketchup - never a good sign.

Coconut Rice - Normally a winner, this time it ended up not even being ready by meal time. I was out of jasmine rice, or any long-grain white rice for that matter, so I subbed in short-grain brown rice. It didn't really work. I forgot to take into account the longer cooking time of brown rice, hence it not being done in time for dinner. I packed it in a container and hopefully it will be passable tomorrow.

Avocado and Tomatoes - Personally I like this. It was just an avocado cut up with a little lime juice and a roma tomato. Nothing fancy, but nothing exciting either. I should have just made guacamole :(

Over all rating: One Measly Star *

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